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To Love God & Serve Others

Heights Herald

Dear Church family, Walk by Faith! This is one of the primary commands of the New Testament and certainly the whole of Scripture. “Love one another” is certainly a primary command given to believers and we can see how this is reflected throughout Scripture as well. With that said, we are to walk by faith. What does that mean?...Read More

One of the things I've missed most over the past couple weeks is Wednesday night youth group! Fortunately, we've still been able to meet with some of the students every week from 7-8pm on Zoom. Each week we play a game (like Pictionary), have a Bible study, and spend time together in prayer. We've had as many as fifteen students on s...Read More

With the shutdown in place, we've been doing a lot of things online. Every Sunday we have music and a sermon from Pastor Erik on Facebook live. Throughout the week, Pastor Erik hosts live devotionals on Facebook as well. If you missed any of those videos and would like to see them, you can find them at A...Read More