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Pastor's Pen - Sept. + Oct. 2020

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Dear Church Family,

Fall is in the air! I cannot believe how quickly time goes by, can you?  I remember vividly as a 5th grader, in an Upper Darby Middle school, walking down the steps at the end of the school day thinking about how quickly the week had gone by. Hilarious. With that said, here we are almost in September!   

This year has been amazing, hasn’t it? The way the virus has changed our normal schedules and plans has really been challenging. I find myself feeling as though I were in a time warp. Something that felt like it happened last week actually was a month ago and vice versa. For Stephanie and me personally, both of our kids being married this summer was a huge surprise, delight and an amazing moment of awe. We are deeply grateful and at the same time in a funny state of ‘What just happened???’ Praise the Lord.  

We started 2020 with the idea of ‘Redeeming the Time’. No matter what our circumstances, we know the Lord is in charge. How are we praising Him? How are we walking with Him by faith so as to see His name glorified in and through our lives? No matter the circumstance we are to ‘give thanks’. No matter the situation we are to ‘redeem the time’. Making the most of our days is essential as all around us so many are hurting and without hope. We see the scars of sin impacting people and our culture. Only in Christ is there hope and peace. We must as a church keep our eyes focused on the Lord and prayerfully follow Him where He leads. He is the Lord and in charge. We are His Church and He will lead and guide us as we seek to follow Him. Let’s make sure we follow Him biblically according to His truth.  

Planning during this time has been a bit of a challenge to say the least. There are quite a few logistical hurdles. Please take some time and look at the calendar in this newsletter. Here are some plans to take note of:

  • We are working toward discipleship classes starting Wednesday night September 9th. Student Ministry will continue to meet on Wednesday nights as well.  

  • Bible Fellowship Groups are slowly re-starting in the building on Sunday mornings with some of the Groups continuing to use Online for those who are not ready to meet at church.   
  • There will be childcare for kids up to four years old during the Worship services beginning the 2nd Sunday,  September 13th . Parents will need to let us know ahead of time so we can prepare for their kids.

  • The Fellowship team is working on plans for a Church wide picnic to be held on the grounds Sunday, September 13th. This will be after the service so please stay tuned in for details. 

  • We are planning Care Zone meetings at the church the fourth Sunday night of each month beginning September 27th.

  • Men’s and Women’s events are being worked on. These will be simple ‘touch’ points and we will let you know specifics as we work out details.  

One of the challenges we have due to the virus is children’s ministry. Throughout the Fall we will be working on putting together a Children’s Ministry Team. This team will help with planning events and various ongoing ministry opportunities. We will be utilizing the Fall to plan forward for a Sunday School Children’s ministry re-launch Lord willing in January.  This will include an exciting new curriculum which not only is comprehensive in scope but also gives parents ideas on how to emphasize biblical truth to their kids through the week.  

Wow! We have such a great opportunity before us! Let’s all be in prayer for one another.  Please be in prayer for the Leadership in our Church. Satan would love to divide our church in order to keep us from trusting the Lord. In the midst of this season let’s make sure our speech is seasoned with grace. Let’s not engage in gossip or activities that do not reflect the love of Christ. Let’s continue entrusting ourselves to our Shepherd and watch what He is able to do in and through each of us. 

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Erik