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Pastor's Pen - Mar. + Apr. 2020

pastor's pen march and april

Dear Church Family,
Spring is right around the corner!  Grass is popping up all over the place, daylight savings is upon us, and Easter is right around the corner. Wow, what a season this is as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! This is really one of the greatest times of the year to share Christ with people. So many celebrate Easter out of a religious duty rather than a heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifice made by our Savior. Let’s be in prayer for the to share the Gospel of Grace. Let’s be sensitive and willing to follow the Lord as He leads us.

As we head into the Easter season, with all its activities,  I really sense the Lord leading us to take time to pray. With that in mind, on Sunday night, March 15th we will be starting a four-week season of prayer. We will start in the chapel with an opening prayer time and worship. After this we will walk throughout the building to pray for all the services, ministry activities, and anything else the Lord brings to mind. Please come and join us as we spend time together simply praying for the Lord to work in our midst. We are in need of Christ and His grace! Thank God for His indescribable gift. I don’t know about you but I so desire to see people come to know Christ. Let’s see what the Lord has in store for us and be ready to give an account for the hope that we have in Him. Let’s earnestly be in prayer for those who will be attending our church services and activities.

Thank you for all your service and support.  I really am amazed that Stephanie and I have been here for a year already.  This past year was quite a time of transition and we are deeply grateful for your prayers and kindness.  What a great year this is going to be as we seek the Lord following Him in where He leads. The Lord bless you and your family.

In Christ's love,
Pastor Erik Christensen